How to Clean a Pool

Do You Want to Know the Tips and Secrets on How to Save Money with Your Swimming Pool so it’s Healthy and Clear?


Learn The Secrets to Perfect Swimming Pool Maintenance and Water Chemistry

Now, if you aren’t sure if you want to save thousands of dollars on your large pool investment let me share a few things you’ll learn with this new ebook “How to Clean My Pool Myself”

  • Learn what the pool guy is doing and how to do it better for less than $15 a Month!
  • How to maintain every aspect of your pool by taking less than 5 minutes a week!
  • Understanding your pool equipment and what each component does.
  • Avoid the most costly mistakes of pool owners and how to fix them if made
  • Get an grip on the most important aspect of your pool: Water Flow
  • How to add Years to the life of your pool by doing 3 simple things
  • Learn the pool water chemistry like a chemical engineer
  • Get rid of colored, hazy, or cloudy water Forever!
  • How to clean your pool filter. 

The Average Pool Owner Spends around $1750 a year on maintenance and repairs. The information in this ebook will show you how to literally save THOUSANDS over the years with your swimming pool investment.

Typically “How to Clean My Pool Myself” sells for $59.95, however because this is POOL SEASON we have cut the price in HALF so more people can save money right away!!! Look, the economy is not booming right now and we all need to cut costs. Spending $80-$150 a month isn’t in a lot of people’s budget and even if it were the benefits of cleaning your pool yourself far outweigh the risk and cost of hiring a pool company.

  • Shocking the pool. Too little and you don’t kill all the bacteria or pathogens, too much and you may end up with a cloudy pool. This simple trick will nail the precise amount, every time
  • Winterizing your pool in a variety of climates
  • All the common swimming pool problems and how to fix them yourself without spending hundreds on the local pool guy
  • What do you do if your plaster or surface of your pool gets stained. This simple solution may surprise you

Join in our Mission of saving time and Money caring for your pool by getting

“How to Clean My Pool Myself” at just $29.95.

12 Month Guarantee:

pool cleaning satisfaction savingsReview the material for a FULL YEAR. If you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied with what you learn and that it’s worth 4x your investment, let us know for a FULL and PROMPT refund with no questions asked!

Buy with confidence knowing you have nothing to lose!

What are Our Customers Saying?

“I highly recommend this ebook, it’s provided my wife and I the information we needed to fire our pool guy. Now we save $110 per month!” – Ross R.

“Great comprehensive look at Chemicals.” – Pro Pools

“This is the A-Z guide for DIY pool cleaning. I recommend this book to ANYONE who wants to save money or just to know how your pool works.” – Rebecca T.


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